see & balance your bioelectric energy
improve your wellbeing, performance & focus

manage your stress, find stress relief
increase your emotional intelligence


if you could change the way you respond and act according to your energy flow.

Now, ask yourself...

How can I improve my lifestyle; ( work / relationships / home / health, ) start responding positively to life, and understanding how my body and its energy flow reacts to different situations and environments?

Read on to find out how...

Vibewatch is a biofeedback monitor that looks just like a watch. Vibewatch also displays the time like a regular watch.

Vibewatch picks up a simple reading of your static voltage. It does this using 2 sensors inside the strap. This information is displayed to you as a number.

Vibewatch also displays the polarity of that number. Polarity tells you if your reading is plus or minus.

You wear vibewatch in everyday situations. You get to see how your body reacts to stresses, circumstances, conversations, thoughts, thinking, feeling, acting, and doing.

See firsthand changes in your body's physiology. See these changes as they happen, when they happen.

This feedback forms a loop of information. You use this loop to make connections and associations... to remove unwanted stresses and tensions, to identify and pinpoint when stresses and tensions occur.

Vibewatch comes with a manual and instructions to guide you in its use.

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